World Champion in 2018


“ For me, Cristalline is the horse of a lifetime in every way! Just getting to be around her every day is a treat.

At home she is very even-tempered, she is not particularly mare-ish and is a pleasure to ride every day.

She loves to roll whenever she is hand walked or taken out for grass! She also makes funny noises in her stall, if you’re not accustomed to it you could seriously think something was wrong!

She loves to eat dirt, at the beginning we thought she might have a salt deficiency but have realized it’s just one of her preferences.

I love to wander around the farm with her, whether on her back or on foot she loves to explore.

My favorite memory: I have never been so relaxed to jump 1.70!

Our partnership has enabled me to achieve beyond what I dreamt to be possible and taken me to the pinnacle of the sport.

I feel forever indebted to her and am so grateful to Ecurie Mathy for connecting me with her! “

Adrienne Sternlicht


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