Écuries Mathy

A great story since 1962

Écuries Mathy

You are in the heart of Europe!

Behind the champion, owner of the only Belgian Olympic Equestrian medal (individual), stand a man who discovered some of the best horses in the world. A success story which started over 60 years ago. All over the world, a large number of horses and equestrian champions visit Ecurie Mathy every year!

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This family know-how has been appreciated for many years by a prestigious clientele.

François Mathy is the one who whispered in the ears of horses. Excellent rider, he is also a talented finder. François Mathy forms pairs amazing “man-horse”.

François Mathy


Some names are inseparable of equestrian world.

François Mathy is one of those! Since the beginning in 1962. Today, if many things have changed, everything has evolved, François Mathy is still there running one of the world’s most successful equestrian businesses.

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François Mathy - Former

François Mathy Jr - Cavalier - Instructeur

My Father, this champion! I don’t remember that olympic games victory, I was to small, but as every son of a champion, I did too proudly wear that medal around my neck. At that time, I couldn’t imagine how that paternal ambition would be contagious. It would be the beginning of the esteem of a son to its father.

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François Mathy Jr - Rider - Instructor

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