François Mathy

Professional rider & businessman

François Mathy

Portrait of a champion running through time.

François Mathy

Always a head of his time

François Mathy is to always stay ahead. Always a head of his time. Probably thanks to this sensibility to swiftly detect champions.. In a few minutes he sees what other put months to see. Mathy always had an eye on the right horse and found some of the most exceptional horses of the history of equestrian sport.

This exceptional talent has brought to him the most famous customers who are still faithful to him today.

“I have been working with some of my collaborators for more than thirty years now.”.

One of the most renowned partners of François Mathy , is Mclain Ward “he is an absolutely amazing rider and we have done great business together for many years“.

Mclain has bought most of the horses he rode and rides with François Mathy. Sapphire, Rotchild and now HH Azur are all exceptional horses Mathy found for Mclain.

Charlotte Bettendorf, Champion of Luxembourg, rides for Mathy stable. She lives with the family and trains horses under the guidance of François.

Despite this success that could make you dizzy , François Mathy is always working in a strong family structure. In harmony with nature, François Mathy wanted modern infrastructures that respects this nature he loves so much.

A At the age of 69, he spends all his days in his stables offering tailor-made programs for champions requirement.

Many things have changed, everything has evolved but François Mathy’ s name is now known around the world and continues to sound.

If you want to catch his attention, talk to him about horses.

François Mathy
Aerial view of the stables

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